Where to Buy Dragon Fruit / Buy Pitaya Fruit / Buy Pitahaya Fruit

Are you looking where to buy pitahaya fruit in the US? Buying fresh dragon fruit (buying pitaya fruit or buying pitahaya fruit) may sometimes be hard in the United States, but it is well worth tracking down where to buy dragon fruit either as the dried fruit of fresh fruit when available. Ask where to buy pitaya fruit at your local gourmet food store and ask at your Trader Joe's organic market for the Trader Joe's dried dragon fruit Trader Joe's often imports from Thailand. If your Trader Joe's doesn't have it, ask them to order dragon fruit for you.

Finding where to buy fresh dragon fruit may be easier at certain open markets, so try searching local organic produce markets and Asian markets to find where to buy dragon fruit fresh. Ask about buying fresh pitaya even if you may not see it displayed. You might get lucky and find some of the fresh fruit - but beware that quality may vary. If you don't love it, it isn't you - it's got to be the a problem with the dragon fruit!

Where to Buy Dragon Fruit / Buy Pitaya fruit / Buy Pitahaya Fruit

Where to buy pitaya fruit...

Buy Dragon Fruit at Asian Markets in US

Special places to look to buy pitaya fruit...

Trader Joe's Dried Dragon Fruit / Dried Pitaya Fruit

Here in Northern California the best (but not necessarily entirely reliable, unfortunately) source where to buy pitaya fruit…

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