Storing Pitaya Fruit / How to Store Dragon Fruit

How to store your fresh pitahaya or how to store pitaya fruit dried

Storing Fresh Pitaya Fruit / How to Store Fresh Dragon Fruit: Fresh pitahaya fruit will keep for a few days refrigerated, this is the best way how to store dragon fruit fresh if you need to, but as the best flavor for the fresh fruit is when the fruit is picked ripe, you should not expect to keep it more than a few days at most before it starts to lose quality. Try to eat pitahaya fruit as soon as you can, if you have the fresh pitahaya fruit. You want to pick pitaya fruit when you buy fresh pitaya that is already vine ripened, so the fruit is quite perishable. If you pick pitahaya as an un-ripe fruit, it will last much longer, but it will never be as good as the vine ripened fruit in taste or texture.

Storing Dried Pitaya Fruit / Dried Dragon Fruit: As for most all dried fruits, dried pitahaya fruit stores dramatically longer than the fresh fruit. You have some options how to store dragon fruit to let you can eat pitaya fruit dried anytime, when you want to have access to it anytime - no matter what season. If you want the dried dragon fruit to last even longer, store the dried fruit refrigerated or even frozen. The dried pitahaya fruit stands up very well to being kept cold and will keep for many many months refrigerated without any loss in taste or texture. The dried fruit also withstands full freezing quite well and does not readily become soft of mushy.

Storing Dried Pitahaya for Diabetic Diet: Because the pitaya fruit is of such benefit to those with diabetes who are following a dragon fruit diabetes diet as part of their regular diabetic diet for blood glucose control, diabetics will want to keep the dried pitahaya fruit on hand to include with their diabetic diet meals all the time. Depending upon the availability of pitahaya fruit in you area, if you are on a diabetic diet, you may want to freeze a backup quantity of the dried pitahaya fruit in case your supplier runs low. This may be the best way how to store dragon fruit, or at least refrigerate it if it will be months before you eat it. The Trader Joe's pitaya fruit from Thailand, for example, is a variable source...

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