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Red Dragon Fruit Kiwi Salad

dragonfruit kiwi salad

Take Advantage of Pitaya's Stunning Presentation: Part of how to eat dragon fruit best, is presenting it best. When you serve your fresh dragon fruit, particularly red dragon fruit of the pink or red flesh pitaya variety, present it to take advantage of the dramatic color of the dragon fruit rind and the dragon fruit flesh both. Slice dragon fruit up in slivers, cube it, leave it in the rind, present the sliced flesh along with some of the fresh fruits halved or whole.

If instead of the red dragon fruit you have the red skinned dragon fruit with white flesh, the white flesh and red skin make great contrasts. If you are serving several fresh dragon fruit, and not all of them have the most presentable skins still remaining, remove the skin from the dragon fruits with the blemished skins and present the white flesh as a contrast to slivers or slices of the dragon fruits with the perfect red skin or yellow skin (if you have the yellow dragon fruit instead of the red dragon fruit).

Dragon fruit colors are so impressive, that sometimes fresh pitaya fruit is used simply as a decorative garnish, in fact! Eating dragon fruit is just part of its purpose at some tables...

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