How to Eat Dragon Fruit | Picking Dragon Fruit to Eat

Picking Dragon Fruit Properly / Picking Pitaya Properly / Picking Pitahaya Properly

First before you even think how to eat dragon fruit fresh, you need to pick your dragon fruit (either literally off the vine, or picking the dragon fruit 'off the shelf' at the market), when you select your fresh dragon fruit, you want to pick it carefully to find one that is already ripe. Pick dragon fruit which are not hard to the touch. Think as you would when selecting the more common avaocado. Avoid picking dragon fruit that is hard, as it was likely picked early. Commercial dragon fruit growers will often pick dragon fruit early to let it better withstand shipping. Likely the pitahaya fruit picked this way will not have developed a good flavor or proper texture.

Pick your fresh dragon fruit that yields like a ripe avocado or ripe papaya - that's the best way to think of it.

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