How to Eat Dragon Fruit | Cold Dragon Fruit vs. Warm

Cold vs. Room Temperature Dragon Fruit Fruit: If you ask them how to eat pitaya fruit, or ask how to eat dragon fruit how to eat it best, many people will tell you they like to eat dragon fruit cold after it's been in the refrigerator, but you may find you prefer to eat dragon fruit at room temperature. Try eating dragon fruit both ways and decide for yourself how to eat pitahaya - warm or cold.

Eating Dragon Fruit Chilled: If you do want to eat dragon fruit as the chilled fruit, it is better to chill the whole fruit before you cut it open to keep the fruit more fresh. Don't cut the dragon fruit into slices or pieces before you chill it. Instead, chill the entire fruit first and then cut it only when you are ready to eat it. Eating dragon fruit isn't like eating carrot sticks! You can't just slice it up and leave it. Dragon fruit is more delicate.

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