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Rather than eating the dried pitaya fruit alone, try mixing in with other meals. Add it as a garnish to any salads like the dragonfruit diabetes salad. Use it on the trail with other dried fruits and nuts as trail-mix for hiking, cycling or back-packing trips. Not everyone enjoys chowing down on the dried pitahaya fruit all by itself, so mix it up.

Eating Dragon Fruit Dried is NOT the same as Eating Dragon Fruit Fresh

When you learned how to eat dragon fruit as the fresh fruit it was all about the delicate flesh, spooning out the soft flesh, carefully slicing the soft flesh and separating the skin if it isn't quite presentable enough for the guests...

Eating dragon fruit as the dried fruit is totally the opposite. You have to assume that the dragon fruit grower picked his dragon fruit ripe (actually a lot easier than your finding a fresh dragon fruit in fact, as the dragon fruit growers who grow dragon fruit commercially can pick the ripe fruits and dry them on the spot - so they don't need to worry about shipping the delicate ripe fruits). You don't really care if they had some skin on them or not, because now the entire dragon fruit has been rendered down from a big plump, soft, ripe and tender fruit to a tough little chewy morsel!

What! I don't want my tender dragon fruit fruit rendered chewy!

This is a big bonus! You can't put fresh dragon fruit flesh into a salad, because as you toss your salad your dragon fruit will just turn into mush! You can't pack a fresh dragon fruit slice in your backpack or stuff in into your bicycle seat pouch! You'll mush it into a paste! You can do all these great things with the dried dragon fruit. Take advantage of how to eat dragon fruit both dried and fresh - as they are completely complementary was of eating dragon fruit.

Because the fresh dragon fruit (particularly the red dragon fruit) when dried still maintains it's color, your addition of the dried dragon fruit to a salad or dried fruit and nut mix will not only give you a great contrasting texture but also give you some great dragon fruit color as well!

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