How to Eat Dragon Fruit Dried

How to Eat Dragon Fruit as the Dried Dragon Fruit / How to Eat Pitahaya Fruit Dried / How to Eat Pitaya Fruit Dried

Your options are unlimited with the dried dragon fruit, and you can use dried dragon fruit anywhere you would use any other dried fruit. Like with many other dried fruits, eating dragon fruit dried will give you a completely different experience from eating dragon fruit as the fresh fruit. Perhaps even more so than other fruits because the dragon fruit flesh is so soft when ripe vs. the dried dragon fruit flesh which can be quite chewy. The contrast is even more strong between the dried dragon fruit and fresh dragon fruit than a dried apricot and a fresh apricot, for example.

How to Eat Dragon Fruit Dried | Mixes

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Rather than eating the dried pitaya fruit alone, try mixing in with other meals. Add it as a garnish to any salads…

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