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How to Eat Dragon Fruit How to Eat Pitaya Fruit

How to Eat Pitaya Fruit Fresh / Fresh Dragon Fruit How to Eat It

Most importantly, you eat the flesh of the fruit not the skin (rind)!

Selecting your Fresh Pitaya Fruit: First, when you select your fresh pitahaya fruit, you want to pick pataya carefully to find ones that are already ripe. Pick pitahaya which are not hard to the touch. Think as you would when the selecting the more common avaocado. Avoid fresh dragon fruit that is hard, as it was likely picked early. Commercial growers will often pick dragon fruit early to let it better withstand shipping. Likely the pitahaya fruit picked this way will not have developed a good flavor or proper texture.

Cold vs. Room Temperature Fruit: If you ask them how to eat pitaya fruit, or dragon fruit how to eat it best, many people like to eat pitahaya fruit cold, but you may find you prefer to eat pitahaya fruit at room temperature. Try it both ways and decide for yourself how to eat pitaya - warm or cold. If you do want to eat dragon fruit as the chilled fruit, it is better to chill the whole fruit before you cut it open to keep the fruit more fresh.

Making a 'sweet and sour' dragon fruit: If you want to try giving your fresh dragon fruit a little bit of a zing of sour to offset the sweet flavor of the fresh pitaya, try squeezing a little bit of lemon on the pitahaya fruit flesh as you eat it (some prefer lime for the same effect). This is a nice way how to eat dragon fruit fresh.

How to Prepare Fresh Pitaya Fruit to Eat: Like a papaya fruit, dragon fruit when properly ripe is quite soft, so you can eat it as you would a papaya by just cutting the fruit in half and spooning out the flesh. Unlike with the papaya, with pitahaya fruit you have no messy entrails to remove before eating the fresh pitaya fruit. The answer about how to eat dragon fruit with all the seeds is that the pitaya fruit seeds are completely edible, and you should not try to remove them before you eat the pitahaya flesh.

Take Advantage of Pitaya's Stunning Presentation: When you serve your fresh dragon fruit, particularly the pink or red flesh pitaya variety, present it to take advantage of the dramatic color of the fruit rind and the fruit flesh. Slice it up in slivers, cube it, leave it in the rind, present the sliced flesh along with some of the fresh fruits halved or whole. The colors are so impressive, that sometimes fresh pitaya fruit is used simply as a decorative garnish, in fact!

How to Eat Pitaya Fruit Dried/ Dried Dragon Fruit How to Eat Pitahaya Fruit Dried

Mix Mix Mix: Rather than eating the dried pitaya fruit alone, try mixing in with other meals. Add it as a garnish to any salads. Use it on the trail with other dried fruits and nuts as trail-mix for hiking, cycling or back-packing trips. Not everyone enjoys chowing down on the dried pitahaya fruit all by itself, so mix it up.

Not to Worry About...

Colorful Consequences: This is not exactly in the 'dragon fruit how to eat' area, but... It may seem something not unexpected, but sometimes it can surprise people to find that the strong color of the pink (red/purple) fleshed dragon fruit can pass in good form all the through the digestive system quite intact and vivid in color. If you eat a goodly portion of the pink (red/purple) fleshed dragon fruit all by itself...

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