Dragon Fruit Nutritional Benefits | Dragon Fruit Vitamin C

Dragon Fruit Vitamin C | Dragon Fruit Nutritional Benefits

The amount of vitamin C in dragon fruit is high, and because the dragon fruit is a natural fruit providing you with a rich balance of nutrients coming along with the vitamin C, you absorb the Vitamin C in dragon fruit efficiently when you eat dragon fruit as part of your fruit healthy diet.

The Amount of Vitamin C in Dragon Fruit | Level of Vitamin C in Dragon Fruit

As with all natural sources of vitamins like vitamin C, the exact amount of vitamin C in dragon fruit will vary somewhat from one individual fruit to another. How much vitamin C in dragon fruit on a fruit by fruit basis changes on account of things like the nutrients available to the dragon fruit cactus as it was growing and variations in the dragon fruit cactus plant itself. So while the amount of vit c in dragon fruit does vary, on the whole the amount of vitamin C is high.

What you should expect, as a ballpark figure for your 'average' level of vitamin C dragon fruit is that you will get close to 50% of recommended daily Vitamin C intake requirements in 100g of the dried dragon fruit and approximately that amount in 1 kg of the fresh fruit. This is a good level for a natural source of vitamin C from a fresh fruit, and gets you off to a good start for your daily requirements of vitamin C.

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