Dragon Fruit Nutritional Benefits | Dried Dragon Fruit vs. Fresh Dragon Fruit

Dried Dragon Fruit vs. Fresh Dragon Fruit | Dragon Fruit Nutritional Benefits

Assuming that the dried dragon fruit was prepared properly, you should find that the health benefits of dragon fruit nutrition factors are unchanged from the fresh dragon fruit nutrition factors in terms of what nutrition factors were originally in the fresh dragon fruit which was subjected to the drying process.

However, dragon fruit nutritional benefits are magnified in the dried dragon fruit on a gram for gram basis. Typically, as not 100% of the water is removed in air drying of dragon fruit (as opposed to freeze drying processes which can remove virtually 100% of the moisture from the dragon fruit), if you buy dried dragon fruit (dried pitaya fruit, dried pitahaya fruit), you will find the dried dragon fruit usually has about 10x the punch of the fresh fruit in vitamins like vitamin C, fiber and micro nutrients.

Based on this typical degree of moisture loss in drying dragon fruit, you can expect that if you eat 1.5 oz of the dried pitaya fruit, you'll be eating almost a full pound of the fresh fruit! All the beneficial dragon fruit dietary fiber, dragon fruit vitamin C and micro nutrients like antioxidants in dragon fruit are still there in the dried pitahaya fruit. The fresh pitahaya fruit has lots of water, which gives it the soft creamy texture when eaten fresh. The dried dragon fruit will be chewy and much darker in color than the fresh fruit. The phrase 'color your diet' applies here for this fruit which is fiber, vitamin rich, easy and quick to eat.

A secondary effect of drying dragon fruit (which is typical for all dried fruits) is that while the drying process if done properly should not destroy any of the dragon fruit nutritional factors, it will make the dragon fruit nutrients slightly less rapidly metabolized when you eat the dried dragon fruit vs. the fresh dragon fruit. This is not the same as comparing dragon fruit nutritional benefits vs. pills, where the pills may have the nutrients in forms which are not readily metabolized at all. This effect of the drying process is a physical process not a chemical process, and it is a benefit to you and not a detriment. It improves your bodies ability to absorb the dragon fruit nutrition factors on account of the fact that the dragon fruit nutrients are released more slowly into your body as you take more time to chew the dried dragon fruit all the way to the longer time it takes for your body to re-hydrate and break down the chewed dragon fruit in your stomach and through your intestines.

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