Dragon Fruit Nutrional Benefits vs. Pills

Dragon Fruit Nutrition: Dragon Fruit (Pitaya Fruit) is a Naturally Nutritious Fruit Superior to Vitamin Supplement Pills

When you look at data like the amount of vitamin C in dragon fruit and dragon fruit nutritional content to calculate all of the health benefits of dragon fruit nutrition factors in your diet, don't compare the dragon fruit nutrition tables to the various vitamin supplement pills or 'fortified cereals' which have sprayed on vitamins and nutrients that are hard to metabolize once you have eaten them. Getting your nutrients from pills is far inferior to getting the health benefits of dragon fruit nutritional factors by eating the dragon fruit directly and eating dragon fruit along with other fresh and dried fruits and other healthy foods your body has evolved with over time.

Let's consider how much vitamin C in dragon fruit is compared to the claims of pills. Take the amount of vit c in dragon fruit as an example, if you compare the level of vitamin C in dragon fruit with a multi-vitamin pill which claims to give you all your daily nutrition and vit c in one gulp, the amount of vitamin C in dragon fruit may seem unimpressive to you at first. However, assuming you actually trust the pill manufacturer to be honest with you, it's not natural for your body to get it's vitamins and minerals that way without the context of eating foods which naturally provide those vital nutrients simultaneously with a wide array of nutritive content. Adding a multi-vitamin taken at the same time with a meal (not alone) probably won't do you any harm, but it is no substitute for getting the nutrients you need as your body has evolved for you to do naturally. So think of how much vitamin C in dragon fruit benefits you by providing you that vitamin C along with all the other health benefits of dragon fruit before dropping it for a pill substitute.

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