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We'll discuss here other dragon fruit health benefits which are not dragon fruit diabetes health benefits. Please use the contact form at the home page to submit your own stories, data, experiments and experiences which we can share with others to help them use dragon fruit to their benefit!

Dragon Fruit Gout Benefits

Report your Gout Experiences with DRagon Fruit

We thank Leif G in Iceland for submitting this information, and please ask others who may have seen a similar dragon fruit gout benefit to let us know about their experiences.

Leif reports to us that pitaya (dragon fruit) may have helped bring about a rapid recovery to his gout ailment.

For better rather than worse, this is not something that can be tested over and over again as for dragon fruit diabetes blood sugar control! Please let us know if you have had any similar experiences, so we can learn more about this as a possible health benefit of dragon fruit.

Leif reports one entry about the gout pitaya benefit in the French version of Wikipedia, and we'll try to do more research here in the US on gout dragon fruit linkages.

As best we can tell in preliminary examination of the dragon fruit gout connection it seems that some of the nutritional benefits of dragon fruit are to reduceā€¦

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