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Dragon Fruit Diabetes Salad Meal

My personal experience with adding dried dragon fruit to a full meal salad which includes a wide variety of nuts, seeds, and other sources of beneficial fasts (e.g. avocado, canola oil, virgin olive oil) is that the addition of the dried dragon fruit makes a SIGNIFICANT impact on my post meal blood glucose levels for me as a type 2 diabetes sufferer. Go to: dried dragon fruit salad ingredient page. Go to: dried dragon fruit diabetes diet page.

Dragon Fruit Diabetes Glucose Control | Dragon Fruit Diabetes Aid

Every diabetic has to discover for himself or herself exactly what foods in combination are the best for their diabetic diet and their diabetes blood glucose control, but the personal experience of the author of this web site is that for type 2 diabetes dragon fruit helps reproducibly and with certainty. You can call it the Dragon Fruit Diabetes Diet, if you would like!. For my type 2 diabetes dragon fruit when added to my meals (large well balanced salads) will reproducibly and significantly reduce my blood glucose levels after meals. When I include dried dragon fruit diabetes blood glucose control, even adding the dried pitahaya fruit in only modest quantities, it makes a difference for me I can count on over and over at every meal. For example, using dried pitaya fruit (I always look to buy dried dragon fruit at Trader Joe's markets) of about 1.5 oz (40g) with a large well balanced salad will lower my type 2 diabetes blood glucose level 1 hr post meals by up 30 - or keep it from increasing altogether. Dragon fruit diabetes blood glucose control makes a difference for me. I hope you will find the same.

Type 2 Diabetes Dragon Fruit Diet - my personal experience

I call it the Dragon Fruit Diabetes Diet in the hope that more people with type 2 diabetes with try using dragon fruit diabetes management as part of their natural way to keep diabetes at bay as part of a sensible diabetic diet, but you need to experiment for yourself as to how diabetes dragon fruit meals work for you in your life and with your diabetic diet requirements. I can definitively say that in my own personal experience with the dried dragon fruit diabetes meals, it significantly reduces my diabetes blood glucose levels after meals when I include the dried dragon fruit (dried pitaya fruit) in even modest quantities. For example, about 1.5 oz (40g) of Trader Joe's dried dragon fruit with a large salad will lower my glucose level 1 hr post meals by up 30 - or keep it from increasing altogether. I'll post more details on this and some charts to indicate the differences with and without the dried pitahaya added to the meals.

Type 1 Diabetes Dragon Fruit Diet - reduced insulin usage may be possible

I have read of dragon fruit diabetes control also helping with reducing the amount of insulin required to manage type 1 diabetes. If you are a type 1 diabetes sufferer using insulin, try incorporating dragon fruit with some of your meals and see what it does for you as an addition to your diabetic diet. Remember the dried pitaya fruit is about 10x a dense as the fresh pitaya fruit, so your 1.5 oz nibble of the dried pitaya fruit is almost equivalent to a full 1 lb of the fresh pitahaya fruit.

Diabetes Dragon Fruit Diet Mechanism for Blood Glucose Control

Apparently the mechanism by which dragon fruit diabetes control works has not been thoroughly studied. My personal experience with type 2 diabetes dragon fruit experimentation is that it has an immediate impact which lasts for several hours after my meals are complete. I do not see a long term change (i.e. fasting blood glucose control is about the same the next day whether I used the dragon fruit diabetes meal or not). I need to keep the dried dragon fruit in each meal to see the benefit. I will post more on this in detail.

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