Dragon Fruit Diabetes Health Benefits

Dragon fruit diabetes health benefits can be quite significant for lowering diabetes blood glucose levels when dragon fruit is included in even moderate quantities in a typical diabetic diet plan meals. The author's personal type 2 diabetes dragon fruit benefits are very meaningful, and the charts and data presented here in the Type 2 Diabetes Dragon Fruit Benefits section are based on careful experiments to demonstrate these diabetes related health benefits of dragon fruit.

Dragon Fruit Diabetes Diet | Dragonfruit Salad Mix

Dried Dragon Fruit Diabetes Diet Salad Results

Here it is at last... The complete ingredient list and explanation for the Trader Joe's Dried Dragon Fruit diabetes diet meal which reliably and positively impacts type 2 diabetes blood glucose level controls for me as a type 2 diabetes sufferer.

Type 2 Diabetes Dragon Fruit Diet: Results of Eating Pitaya Fruit

Without question, reproducibly, and significantly, adding dried dragon fruit (specifically I buy Trader Joe's dried dragon fruit) to a meal makes a difference in type 2 diabetes glucose level control. 
Dried Dragon Fruit | Dried Pitaya Fruit | Dried Pitahaya Fruit addes to diabetic diet meal chart of resultsThe chart shown above plots the results of adding

Dragon Fruit Diabetes Glucose Control

Dragon Fruit Diabetes Salad Meal

My personal experience with adding dried dragon fruit to a full meal salad which includes a wide variety of nuts, seeds, and other sources of beneficial fasts (e.g. avocado, canola oil, virgin olive oil) is that the addition of the dried dragon fruit makes a SIGNIFICANT impact on my post meal blood glucose levels for me as a type 2 diabetes sufferer. Go to: dried dragon fruit salad ingredient page. Go to: dried dragon fruit diabetes diet page.

If you have type 2 diabetes, dragon fruit can help to lower blood glucose levels as a natural gourmet fruit added to your diabetic diet to help your blood glucose control. You could call it the diabetes 'dragon fruit diabetes diet', if you want. If you…

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