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One of the most wonderful and nutritious fruits is the Dragon Fruit, otherwise known as Pitaya Fruit or Pitahaya Fruit. The dragon fruit nutrient profile is loaded with fiber and vitamin C, as well as other important nutrients, but dried dragon fruit (or fresh dragon fruit) is not something you should expect to see in every gourmet fruit basket you may find, but it's well worth looking for pitahaya fruit if you travel abroad outside the United States where it's often common enough that no one might even call it a gourmet fruit (inside the US Dragon Fruit is less commonly available). Remember to look for the same named instead as pitaya fruit or pitahaya fruit as you travel!

Eating dried dragon fruit or fresh dragon fruit is one of the most wonderful ways to stay healthy. Look at your local markets for the same named instead as dried pitaya fruit or also sold as fresh pitaya fruit at your local organic produce market. Trader Joe's dried dragon fruit is often available at the Trader Joe's market chain. If Trader Joe's dragon fruit is out of stock of the dried pitaya fruit, ask them to order the dried fruit for you - remember the fruit may be called pitahaya fruit by some, but it is the same fruit. As an extra health bonus, both the pitaya dried fruit and fresh pitahaya fruit for many Diabetics can help with diabetes blood glucose control. The dried pitaya fruit usually packs about 10x the punch of the fresh pitaya fruit and has a wonderful chewy texture. The fresh dragon fruit is creamy and soft in comparison to the dried fruit. Mix dried pitaya fruit into your salads for a mild tasting chewy textured healthy nibble.

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